Ministry of Health - COVID 19

Hesitant about taking the Covid 19 vaccine?

Get vaccinated in the comfort of your vehicle by visiting our drive-through vaccination

All Eligible Persons to get Vaccinated

CMO - Vaccination vs Immunization

CMO - What are the different types of vaccines?

CMO - What is a vaccine?

CMO - What is the role of vaccines?

Dr. Richards - What should I do if I suspect that I have covid 19?

How long should a person wait to receive the vaccine after they have recovered from COVID 19?

If I don't have side effects, does that mean the vaccine did not work?

Let's all do our part for T&T

Let's all do our part for T&T

Want to get back to doing the things you love?

Sharing a home with someone who is Covid19 positive or who has symptoms

Should Covid-19 patients at home wear masks?

Why is hydration and nutrition important for recovery?

Any medical issue if someone gets the vaccine but does not know that they are COVID 19 positive?

World Health Organization (WHO) - With Chief Scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan

North West Regional Health Authority - With Ms. Wendy Fitzwilliams

Smokers are at greater risk of developing a severe case and dying from COVID-19. World Health Organization (WHO)

Women with COVID-19 can breastfeed. World Health Organization (WHO)

COVID19 Q&A - When should an entire household be placed in quarantine as a result of a positive covid19 case?

COVID19 Q&A - Will non-nationals be eligible to receive the vaccine?

The Elderly Express Experience Seniors In Homes For The Aged Get Vaccinated For COVID 19

Elderly Express Experience at the Barataria Health Centre

Elderly Express Experience at the Morvant Health Centre

Contact Tracing After Patient #139 Tests Positive for COVID-19

The New Normal Campaign (7)

The New Normal Campaign (6)

The New Normal Campaign (5)

The New Normal Campaign (4)

NWRHA Videos

End inequalities. End AIDS

World Aids Day 2021

World Children's Day 2021

World Mental Health Day

NWRHA Message on Sexual Abstinence

National Cancer Survivor Month

World Blood Donor Day 2021

Hansen's Disease (Leprocy) - Episode 2

Hansen's Disease (Leprocy) - Episode 1

Wellness Wendesdays

Wellness Wednesdays - Cervical Cancer Awareness

NWRHAs 1st Ever Wellness Wednesday Winner

Wellness Wednesdays - Exploring Physical Health

Eat Festive and Healthy this Christmas

HIV / AIDS Awareness

Mental Health and Wellness

Men's Health Matters

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