Please be advised that in order to conduct your research within the NWRHA, you are required to submit a detailed outline of your proposal using the following guidelines:

  • Proposals should take the APA format, and should be complete including hypothesis, rationale, background, method.
  • Proposals should be endorsed by supervisors. Heads of departments should be appraised of research proposed.
  • The Ethics Committee should be notified of completion of projects, a copy of completed project should be provided.
  • The Ethics Committee should maintain ownership of data. Applicants can publish findings after permission is granted by the Ethics Committee.
  • Proposals should be submitted to Ethics Committee at least three months before project commencement if it is to be considered for approval. For U.W.I. Medical students etc who have projects that must be completed (as a part of their course work) within a short time frame, special consideration will be given and the three month rule will be adjusted provided agreement is reached among committee members.

In addition, you are also required to complete in full the attached Ethics Application form, which must be signed by the Co-investigator and Principal investigator. The first page of the form must be scanned and forwarded via soft copy, along with the entire document, as well as, the research outline.