92A Tragerete Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
105 Tragarete Road Port of Spain Port of Spain TT

Address: 92 A Tragerete Road, Port of Spain.
: 622-2045


Monday Schedule (8am – 4pm)
Dressings, Health Office, Doctor

Tuesday Services (8am – 4pm)
Antenatal Clinic, Postnatal Clinic, Cervical Screening (Pap Smears), Family Planning, VCT

Wednesday Services (8am – 4pm)
Chronic Disease, Dressings, Immunization (Adult)

Thursday Services (8am – 4pm)
Child Health Clinic, Chronic Disease, Oncology, Immunization (Children)

Friday Services (8am – 4pm)
Chronic Disease, Dressings