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Ambulance - 990
Fire - 990
E999 - 671-1514, 671-0988



The Regional Health Authorities:

The Regional Health Authorities was created by an Act of Parliament in 1994 as part of Government’s efforts through the Health Sector Reform Programme to decentralize the management and provision of health care in Trinidad and Tobago. As a result the Ministry of Health no longer has direct responsibility for the actual delivery of health care but is responsible for health policy planning, evaluation and regulation of health care. The Ministry of Health will allocate resources to the Regional Health Authorities consistent with the national health plan. Presently there are five Regional Health Authorities namely the North West Regional Health Authority, North Central Regional Health Authority, Eastern Regional Health Authority, South West Regional Health Authority and Tobago Regional Health Authority.

About Us:

The North West Regional Health Authority is one of the premier health organizations in the country. Established in 1994, the NWRHAs’ geographical boundaries extend from Aranguez in the East to Las Cuevas in the North and Carenage in the West. We serve a population of approximately 500,000 citizens. The NWRHA is in the business of promoting wellness and providing a cost-effective, customer focused, quality health care service to the people in its catchment area.

Statement of Responsibility:

The North West Regional Health Authority is responsible for the management of the country’s foremost health institutions. Under its purview are three major hospitals: Port-of-Spain General Hospital, St. Ann’s Psychiatric Hospital and St. James Medical Complex and a network of sixteen health centres and one district health facility located in two counties: St. George West and St. George Central. We offer Primary, Secondary and Tertiary health care.

The NWRHA is responsible for some four thousand and eighty eight (4088) staff members.

Our Vision:

To be the leading healthcare provider in the Caribbean, delivering clinical excellence through innovative, integrated and evidence-based healthcare.

Our Mission:

The North West Regional Health Authority is a customer-focused organization that ensures the highest level of accountability, transparency and integrity amongst all stakeholders. Our corporate responsibility will be achieved through a committed and empowered team to ensure a high standard of healthcare aligned to the Ministry of Health’s strategic direction.

Core values:

  • Commitment to be client centered
  • High quality health service
  • Development and well being of our employees
  • Enaling work environment
  • Mutual respect
  • Recognition and Rewards